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April 10, 2021

Trailer: CIA Files: True Stories of U.S. Intelligence

Trailer: CIA Files: True Stories of U.S. Intelligence

I’d like to tell you a story. It is a long, strange, story. It is a story about honesty and integrity, or a lack thereof. This story is complex, confusing, and compelling. It is composed of unique people possessed by powerful inner drives. Understanding this story is difficult, but it rewards us with an extra layer of awareness when processing our own lives and understanding  the people who hold power over us.

I’m Topher M. Ford, and I’ve always wanted to know everything I could about the foggy, extra-legal world of global intelligence and intrigue. And I figured that if I’m digging through this story for myself, maybe I can illuminate some of the shadows for anyone else curious about the group that calls itself "America's premier foreign intelligence agency!"

This is a podcast where we explore the lives of those wrapped up in the web of clandestine operations and global politics, including the villains, the victims, the unwitting actors, and the shadowy masterminds. 

If you think true crime is fun, you're going to love learning about State-sanctioned true crime.

We proudly present CIA Files: True Stories of U.S. Intelligence.