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Oct. 19, 2021

Secret Agent Super Spy: Harold Kim Philby

Secret Agent Super Spy: Harold Kim Philby
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Kim Philby was born into peculiar circumstances at a pivotal moment in world history, and he played his part in the struggle between ideologies that shaped our modern world. But to ask who he was is perhaps too big a question to ever fully understand.

It can be said of Philby that he was a genial man -- pleasant and inquisitive. People tended to trust him instinctively, and he was always a willing confidant to anyone with something to get off of their chest.

He suffered from a slight stutter early in life, which some have speculated he used to his advantage whenever he needed an extra moment to think of a lie on the spot. Philby inspired loyalty, trust, and a sense of security in those who moved within his sphere of influence. It was this ability that allowed Philby to work for Moscow in secret for so many years without drawing suspicion