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Sept. 22, 2022

Paul Bennewitz and "Aliens," the Story of a Government Psy-op.

Paul Bennewitz and
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Picture this: You're a high-ranking Air Force official overseeing research and development of new, top-secret aircraft. Your job is Operational Security, which is to say, keeping it secret.

Then one day, a civilian who's an expert on radio waves, as well as a bit of a photography buff, comes to you with a massive collection of pictures and data related to the top-secret aircraft you're supposed to be keeping secret. Not ideal, right? But then this civilian explains that he's pretty sure what he has is evidence of an alien invasion. So you look him in the eye and you tell him he's onto something. He's definitely discovered aliens zipping around your military base. Then the fun begins.

This is the story of Paul Bennewitz, a man subjected to what some might describe as a intimate, one-on-one psy-op. After stumbling upon government secrets, he is led into a crazy world involving a variety of aliens and rumors of a secret underground base where these aliens live and work.

And Brandon updates us on current events surrounding Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the CTSO.

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