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March 22, 2022

Guy Burgess: I Gotta Be Me!

Guy Burgess: I Gotta Be Me!
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Guy Burgess was perhaps the most unlikely spy in history, which is probably why he ended up being one of the best spies in history. 

Guy pulled off incredible feats of espionage without ever being caught. He accomplished this work with a staggering level of audacity and aplomb, all while drinking enough alcohol to kill two or three tortured musicians. Not only did Guy not hide his true self, he was utterly incapable of it.

To meet Guy Burgess was to know Guy Burgess: unkempt, opinionated, inebriated, highly sexual, and seemingly fearless – Guy engaged with anyone who happened to cross his path. He made strong impressions, and quickly, among those who met him. Some were immediately taken by his sharp wit and astute observations, while others were utterly put off by his obnoxious political preaching and shameless name-dropping.