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March 29, 2022

Coming Soon: James Jesus Angleton, Part Two

Coming Soon: James Jesus Angleton, Part Two

For a brief time within the history of the United States, its citizens trusted that their country’s best and brightest were in charge – competent leaders who knew how to navigate the complex, often treacherous, paths of diplomacy and global conflict. This trust, like most things, would not endure.

In the decades immediately following the Second World War, the political mandate engendered by the public’s trust would be squandered by a cadre of self-important men who each believed fervently that he, and only he, knew what was right. James Jesus Angleton embodied this arrogance, and ultimately tainted the trust of the American people.

Coming soon… the conclusion of story of the man the CIA calls a “Master Spy Hunter,” but who others might call a narcissist with paranoid delusions…

James Jesus Angleton. On CIA Files: True Stories of U.S. Intelligence.